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Welcome to the EconLab at the University of California, Davis!

This is ORSEE, The Online Recruitment System for Economics Experiments.

If you are a student at UC Davis in any year or major, you have a chance to participate in economics experiments. Experiments are designed by researchers to study behavior in a wide range of situations. Most experiments involve multiple student participants, so they provide a chance for you to match your wits with others. Cash earnings are paid at the end of each session, and your performance greatly affects these earnings. For example, participating in a 50-minutes long session could earn you an amount between $15 and $25!

Please start by registering in our database. This step does not commit you to participate in any particular experiment, but only makes you eligible to receive email notifications about upcoming experiments.

Experiments generally last between 1/2 and 1 hour, and are conducted at either a campus location in UC Davis or online. Details about each experiment cannot be given until the start of that particular session, since it may affect the outcome. All participation is voluntary and risks are minimal. The experiments and methodology have been approved by the Institutional Review Board at UC Davis.

Any personal information which you give to us will be kept for research purposes only. Every effort will be made to maintain confidentiality.

If you have already registered in the database, you can view the available experiment times in the calendar.

For questions please contact